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What is World Boss?

Combining the quick drop-in and drop-out nature of .io games, the customisation of roguelites, and the strategy and mechanical finesse of shooters, World Boss is a familiar-yet-unique FPS for all ages. 

16 players or bots duke it out in always-on lobbies as they level up, select from an evolving arsenal of weapons and game-changing perks, and climb the leaderboard. Play for as long or as little as you like. The choice is yours. How long can you hold the crown?

What do you have planned for Early Access?

Early Access is a time for us to develop World Boss while listening to players. We’re giving ourselves room to adapt and adjust as we progress through development. 


For example, from our Beta Testing survey, we found the majority of players wanted to be able to change regions, and also play on the same server as their friends. Based on that feedback, we implemented Region Select in v0.1.1, and has confirmed the social aspect of World Boss should be a major consideration for our roadmap.


The feedback we receive from the community helps inform our decisions and plans for future content. We’re constantly reading what players are saying about World Boss, and checking that it aligns with our goals. As well as receiving more casual feedback through Discord and Steam forums, we’ll be surveying the community to ensure we’re getting answers to specific questions as well. Make sure you have your say!

How often will you update the game?

World Boss will receive regular updates that include improvements, balancing and fixes. We’ll keep you updated as to what that content looks like as we move through Early Access.

How long will the Founder’s Packs be available?

Founder’s Packs will always be available to purchase. To ensure the purchaser is receiving the most up to date content, the packs will be updated in the future to include the most current Battle Pass*.


*If you already own that Founder’s Pack, this will not change what you have paid for and received.

How long will the Battle Pass be available?

The Early Access Premium Battle Pass will be available to purchase until the end of Early Access. Once you’ve made the purchase, you’ll be able to make progress any time (even if the pass isn’t for sale anymore!) - it won’t expire or disappear.


Like other Battle Passes, you’re able to progress along the free track without purchasing anything. If you decide at some point you’d like to buy the Battle Pass with Boss Bucks, you’ll unlock any premium content up to the current level of your Pass.


As we gather more data over time, we’ll be keeping an eye on the rate that people are tracking through the Battle Pass and adjusting the progression rate as necessary. We received some great feedback after the launch of Early Access, and have already made some changes that have improved the Battle Pass experience in v0.1.1.

How can I support World Boss and the people behind it?

Being a free to play game was super important to us - we wanted to make sure that if someone wanted to play World Boss, they could jump in without needing to pay anything. That’s why all monetary transactions in game are for cosmetics only, none of what you can pay for will affect gameplay. We’ve also made sure the Battle Pass has a free track, so you’ll receive new cosmetic items just by playing World Boss!


If you would like to support World Boss by purchasing something, there are a number of cosmetic options available - Founder’s Packs, the Premium Battle Pass, as well as a selection of character and weapon skins.

Will you be bringing World Boss to console or mobile?

We’re not ruling out expanding World Boss onto other platforms in the future, but at this point in time we’re currently focusing on making the World Boss PC experience the best it can be.


We’ve read your feedback and know a lot of you want to use a controller on PC too, and can confirm that improving the controller experience is something we’re working on!

Are there bots in World Boss?

World Boss allows you to jump into a game straight away. To make this happen, any spare places out of the 16 slots for players in an instance will be filled by one of our own bots. When another player queues up, they’ll replace a bot (but won’t keep any of the bot’s loadout!).


These bots will try to delete you just like any other player, and eliminating them will allow you to progress through levels like you would with real people. This allows us to keep that endless feel to the game, meaning players can spend as long as they want in game without feeling obligated to commit to a specific period of time.

Where are the servers located for World Boss?

We currently have servers in the following locations:

  • Australia

  • USA (West and East)

  • Europe

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